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A traditional & authentic old style Farm beer, pure malt and hops, infusion of 6 spices while brewing, dry hoping with a NZ hop, high fermentation. A smooth and slightly amber beer, with a warm and pleasant-tasting touch. Hints of caramel, spices and biscuits. Brewed only for the winter season.

Alc. 8,0% vol. - Plato 18
Also available in 20L barrel



A traditional & authentic old style Belgium beer, pure malt and hops, without spices or additives. Black colored, creamy beer’s foam. Well balanced, coffee touch with the sweetness of Moka. Subtle touch of bitter chocolate at the end, with a dry and nice-tasting final note.

Alc. 7.0 % vol. - Plato 17



A traditional & authentic old style Belgium beer, pure malt, hops, without spices or additives. A smooth, slightly amber & cloudy beer. Soft with a invigorating bitterness in the aftertaste, voluptuous, refreshing, with discreet hints of caramel.

Alc. 8,0% vol. - Plato 20
also available in 20L barrel



A traditional & authentic old style Belgium beer, pure malt and hops, without spices or additives. A floral nose of freshly cut straw, aromas of grilled cereals with a of hint of pepper. Well balanced with a subtle touch of bitterness at the end. The beer’s foam is dense and consistent. A light refreshing beer to be savoured.

Alc. 6,2% vol. - Plato 15
also available in 20L barrel

Our story

The Humblet family was in search of a site to build a new brewery & continue their tradition and long list of beers brewed by their father, Benoit Humblet.
In 2011, they discovered the farm of Bertinchamps, situated not far from Gembloux.

Although extremely old and decayed, the farm had stunning character, situated in an environment that equals its prestige. It was time for some rejuvenation and the renovation project began immediately. Almost 2 years of remarkable work and finally in

March 2013 the brewing system was installed in the old barns. Ultra modern fermentation tanks of a capacity of 6.000HL, a astonishing contrast of modern technology and the farm dating back more than 7 centuries.

Visit and taste

We will gladly welcome you at Bertinchamps.

Tasting & eating and The Shop
Saturday (10 to 18h) and sunday (15 to 18h30). 


Brewery visit
On request
From Monday to Sunday
Booking: info@bertinchamps.be

Organisation of private event
Contact Anne-Claire.

To come to the brewery introduce in your GPS : "Rue du Monty - Gembloux" then at the end of this street, turn right into the old street : "Rue de Bertinchamps - Gembloux", 500 m and then turn right at the chapel.

Bertinchamps beer

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Brasserie de Bertinchamps - 4, Rue de Bertinchamps, 5030 Gembloux - info(@)bertinchamps.be
Buy Bertinchamps beer online at www.topino.net.


The youngest, is finishing his studies,  as he follows in the footsteps of his father he's already launched "1348" a symbolic Pils beer full of character.


Will great you with a warm welcome for all your events.


Architect, at the heart of the renovation plans, a 20 year project, still 18 to go, courage.


Travels the Belgium supermarkets and airports, always a bottle of Bertinchamps in his hand.


In continuous support of the family & their dreams, a mother like no other.


Master Brewer for more than 35 years, more than just a passion....


Taken at Bertinchamps after life experiences in Central African Republic, Cameroon, Brussels, Strasbourg, Val-Dieu ... 
The whole family embarks on this amasing project: to create and develop new authentic beers, but also restore a huge abandonment site, the Bertinchamps farm. 

Marie-Laure Anne-Claire Benoît Jean-Philippe Marc-Edouard Geneviève